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this lady danced for all eternity

literally, mother nature.

I don’t care if I’ve already reblogged this.

Toasty Handwarmers 2.0 // Kickstarter
This is so exciting! Smoko the creators of the Toasty Handwarmers are running a Kickstarter project and they need YOUR help! Yes, they are trying to raise a measly $7,500 to kickstart their project of making their great USB Toast Handwarmers, WIRELESS. So can you wear those beauties anywhere!
They’ve already made around $2,000 dollars so far. And with your help they can raise the rest of the money to fund this awesome design!
The best thing about Kickstarter is when you help fund a project you actually get stuff in return. Like your very own set of toasty handwarmers.
So HEAD OVER THERE and help out right now! 

We did it! Good job everyone the new wireless Toasty Handwarmers have been funded! There’s still time to donate though and score a bunch of goodies for doing so. 

whenever i see posts like this i makeup backstories for the slutty girls